Standardized connection units for mobile gas quality measurement

„Standardized connection“ units for mobile gas quality measurement

• GQ Docking-Station Gas
• GQ Docking-Station Shut-Off Station
• GQ Docking-Station Electro

These Docking Stations will be permanently installed in gas stations and Shut-Off Stations and will be connected mechanically as well as electrically with the station equipment. This ensures, that the connection of mobile gas quality measurement is done always in the same way. The trailer, with the mobile gas quality measurement can now be parked in a marked area in the gas station. Thus, the hazardous area is clearly defined. 

GQ Docking-Station Gas

The GQ docking station Gas is modular designed. First, it can be equipped with one or two measuring streams. Additional measuring streams can be added by doubling the GQ Docking Station Gas itself or using a larger protective box added.

These lockable Docking Stations is adapted to couple the sample gas flows through quick-release couplings to the mobile gas quality measurement. Here, it is secondary, whether it is a high-pressure or low-pressure extraction removal. It only needs to be known to the extraction pressure to use the corresponding gauge. The Docking Station is mounted outside in hazardous area on the wall or on a pipe stand close to the sample tap.

GQ Docking-Station Electro

About this unit, which is installed in non-hazardous area, supply voltage and a DSfG data connection to the mobile gas quality measurement is connected. The connection is prepared via conventional plugs. The case construction is the same as in the GQ Docking-Station Gas, so that the unit is also lockable and can be installed on the wall or a pipe stand and outdoors.

GQ Docking-Station Shut-Off Station

For the Shut-Off Stations the Docking Station Electric is not used because in this stations usually there is no power supply is available. Here the GQ Docking Station will be used with an integrated pressure transmitter with display, the measured value can be transmitted via GPRS. The voltage supply is realized here by an external unit. The DSfG data is transmitted to the mobile gas quality measurement with the radio dial. These are also lockable units which will be installed outside to the existing mounting racks or to a wall or on a pipe stand in hazardous area.

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