Inauguration of the new headquarter of Metreg Solutions

After a very successful first full year the Metreg Solutions GmbH has expanded and moved into the new premises at the new location in Butzbach. In addition to expanded office space, a workshop for cabinet construction and installation of peripheral equipment for gas quality analysis as pressure reduction stations, bottle racks, sampling probes, etc. has been established. The new premises were inaugurated in the natural gas industry at a ceremony on March 3 at the location in Butzbach along with about 50 guests of gas transportation companies, equipment manufacturers and all major suppliers. The two managing partners Dr. Achim Zajc and Michael Friedchen led guests along with the team of Metreg Solutions and its sister company Metreg Technologies from Fürstenwalde through the day. Realized in a little more than a year projects and product solutions with docking stations for mobile gas quality analysis through complete planning, implementation and commissioning of modernization of natural gas volume measurements and gas quality analysis to a very fast control (<15sec) for a L / H gas conditioning plant and engineering services impressed the audience sustainably. With many years of experience of the employees in the fields of MSR and electrical engineering, volume and gas quality analysis, the specialties of the German calibration law and the configuration of complex products within a wide range of solutions will be offered, according to the motto of Metreg "living gas". About the latest engineering project in collaboration with the Metreg Solutions GmbH for the planning of a new, highly innovative high-pressure test stand for bi-directional testing of ultrasonic meters reported Dipl.-Ing. Holger Waden, authorized officer of GTG Nord GmbH. Dr. Thomas Ryll, Head of the testing center for gas quality of BegaTec GmbH in Berlin spoke very understandable about the changes and requirements of the new Weights and Measures Act and the implications for the procurement, commissioning and technical support for the gas quality measuring equipment in Germany.

• Metreg Solutions GmbH is expanding its range of services to a mobile electrical workshop for electrical assembly and commissioning on site activities: