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About us

Metreg Solutions GmbH, founded in 2014 is headquartered in the city of Butzbach, Germany located about 45 minutes from Frankfurt international airport and part of a network of German companies focused on key technological areas around natural gas measurement and control. Solutions are being developed and implemented for custody transfer measurement, gas analysis, calibration facilities, gas fired power stations, complete systems engineering, flame arresters, quality control and commissioning & installation services.

Metreg Solutions GmbH completes the overall portfolio of the network of companies as an engineering partner, system provider and planner for sophisticated natural gas measurement and control solutions. With highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and flexible employees in the company, we are your partner in the natural gas industry.

Metreg Solutions GmbH - your engineering partner, system provider and planner of custody transfer gas measurement and gas analysis technology, flow and pressure control technology, automation solutions, and general electrical engineering services. We design, plan, install and commission your systems. Depending on our customer needs and desire we assume project management, planning responsibility, product and component procurement, documentation, control cabinet design & manufacturing, as well as installation and commissioning tasks. Metreg Solutions develops new concepts based on proven technology and experience for you and is capable of providing overall responsibility for your projects.

Project management - Planning - Procurement

What we stand for

Developing, designing, producing, installing and managing high-quality facilities for natural gas measurement and control in cooperation with our customers according to the latest state of the art. Creating a work environment that allows our highly skilled employees to develop and design the best solutions for our customers. We commit ourselves to a value-oriented and trustworthy relationship with customers, suppliers and employees.

Qualified - Trustworthy - With best results